Strengthen Personal Relationships - Crystal Quartz, Opalite & Rose Quartz Bracelet Set

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  • $85.00

Perfect meaningful bracelet sets for you & the ones you love!

The combination of these three bracelets helps to remove and protect against any negativity towards the wearer while strengthening current loving/friendly relationships.

Individual Meanings:

Clear Quartz/Crystal Quartz - A stone of power - Helps the wearer to increase their energy or intention - Helps to protect against negativity in daily life - Helps the immune system, memory, and pain

Opalite - Great strengthening of relationships stone - Helps to soothe and balance mood swings - Trust your gut feelings - Release any fears - Helps to improve infections, memory, and fevers.

Rose Quartz - The love stone - Helps the wearer to nurture and love the self - Brings calming and reassuring energy during tough times - Helps the female reproductive system, release stress and improve the circulatory system.

仫 Please check the photo on how to find the perfect size
仫 All Bracelets are Handmade in our studio in Los Angeles, California
仫 Made with Love & Positive Vibes

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